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Veteran composer Don Davis got his start back in the 70's with the hit TV series, The Incredible Hulk and Hart to Hart. Currently, you can hear his work in Jurassic Park III, Anti-Trust, and the Matrix films. sd Academy Award winner Ted Tally of Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon discusses his screenwriting techniques.
Andrew Levine's powerful new doc featuring voice talents of Winona Ryder and Tim Robbins enlightens viewers on the sobering topic of the child-sex-slave-trade. This article focuses on the production aspects required to bring it to light. Blogs about filmmaking experiences, tips, ideas, and headaches. Currently in straight html format, but coming soon in blog format.
The List - There are many films which do not get the recognition it deserves. Filmmaker Interviews acknowledges these films with its Annual List Awards for Best Short, Doc, and Feature Pictures of the Year. AFI Film School Graduate and Winner of the Best Short 2003 on FI's The List, Sharat Raju.
Read about a highly talented young writer/director, Douglas Horn, while he is still in his initial stages in this two-part interview.
Part 1
, Part 2.
Patty Mack, agent for Matthew Libatique (DP: Requiem for a Dream, Pi), shares her vast amount of knowledge that will help young filmmakers further their careers and deal with agents.
Legendary Indian filmmakers, Mani Ratnam and Bharathan Kandaswamy compare and contrast the filmmaking between the largest producer of films in the world - India and most famous producer of films - Hollywood. The Indo-American genre is in its infancy and one of the pioneers of the gen-two movement is Anurag Mehta with his film American Chai with actor, Aalok Mehta.
High production value and parodies seem to go hand-in-hand. Taz Goldstein and Robert Moniot describe their hand at this industry.

David Helpling is a young composer who is making his rounds in the indie circuit. His comparison of paying the bills and paying respect to the art is insightful.





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